East Dearborn’s Infamous Victory Inn being Demolished

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DETROIT, MI – Prior to meeting the wrecking ball, The Victory Inn was the scene of one of the largest federal raids in Detroit history.

On Thursday January 12th, 2017, local authorities from multiple jurisdictions along with federal agents raided the seedy motel at the border of east Dearborn and Detroit. What they found when the doors were broken down were filthy rooms filled with needles, crack pipes and guns.

Authorities uncovered a sophisticated criminal organization with a hierarchy and lookouts. The motel was being used for sex trafficking, selling of drugs and other illegal activities. During the raid 14 women were rescued from those who were using the women in a sex trafficking ring.  As many as 20 women could be found at the run down property on any given day or night.

After the raid was completed, on January 27th, 2017, Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. ordered The Victory Inn closed for one year and for all of the furniture to be removed from the 42 rooms.

On Saturday December 30th, 2017 the buildings were being torn down. It is unclear if anything is slated to be built on the property once demolition is completed.


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