2 People Shot, 1 Killed at Clinton Township Business

Traffic is being impacted in the area on Groesbeck Hwy

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Two People were shot, one of those individuals was killed, at a Clinton Township business on Tuesday January 9th, 2018.

[Tom Badke – Owner of Reliable Fence]

Two people were shot Tuesday morning, at approximately 8:45am, at Reliable Fence located at 35375 Groesbeck Hwy in Clinton Township. The business is located between 15 Mile Road and Metro Parkway.

An employee, identified as Jerry Motley, 24-years-old, entered the business where he fired two shots at a co-worker by the name of Angelo. Those bullets struck the a 34-year-old employee in the back. Angelo a co-worker who Motley had a long running problem with.

Accounts of the second person have differed throughout the day. The original accounting was that Jerry Motley fired the gun at the owner of the business, who is identified as Thomas E. Badke, the bullet striking him in the head, killing him instantly. Motley shot his employer because he did nothing to stop the harassment and violence that was taking place at the business.

The second version is that other employee’s at the business tried to wrestle the gun away from Motley where it then discharged firing a round that hit the 61-year-old owner of the business in the head, killing him instantly.

Clinton Township Police Chief Fred Posavetz stated that an ongoing problem of workplace violence led to the fatal shooting. The incident is being called a case of Work Place Bullying. The gunman shot the co-worker who apparently was the person who was said to be causing the problems within the business with other employees. Jerry Motley was the only African American employee at the business. The bullying had escalated between the shooter and the man who had been employed at the company for 17 years. Motley had posted on Facebook about crying in 2017 over the harassment that was taking place at his job. The shooting appears to be a case of workplace racial bullying.

The suspected shooter was taken into custody in Roseville. Jerry Motley was arrested near Kelly Rd and Masonic.

Jerry Motley had plans to commit “suicide-by-cop” when he crashed after fleeing from police.

Fraser Police spotted the suspect’s vehicle. They chased Motley to Roseville where the suspect was involved in a car crash. He then fled on foot. He was finally caught after a foot chase which ended in the backyard of a home near Kelly Rd and Masonic. He has been turned over to Clinton Township Police.

The employee who was shot is in stable condition and is recovering at a local area hospital.

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