Brother’s killing inspired newest Wayne County Commissioner Davis to serve

DETROIT, MI – Reggie Reg Davis, Deputy District Manager of the 1st District in Mayor Mike Duggan’s Department of Neighborhoods, was appointed 6th District Wayne County Commissioner today by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners after being recommended for the position by 6th District Wayne County Commissioner Burton Leland who is retiring.

Davis, a Detroit radio broadcast icon, is also the founder of CeaseFire Youth Initiative and reflects on why he founded and still works with that community organization.

“In 2001 I lost my baby brother Vito to gun violence. Five young men between the ages of 17 and 20 were responsible for my brother’s assassination but instead of condemnation I understood that those young men did not have a father nor older brother to steer them in the right direction leaving the streets to guide them. I forgave the killers and went on to establish CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc, a non-violent conflict resolution advocacy organization aimed at curbing youth violence. I will continue my mission to memorialize my brother by working for a safer Wayne County,” said Davis.

Davis says that he is grateful for Leland’s confidence in him. “Burton Leland worked hard for the people of the 6th District. I will continue his legacy of excellence and my prayers are with Burt and his family as Burt enters retirement,” said Davis.

Davis was elected in 2009 to a term on the Detroit City Charter Revision Commission and served three years in that capacity. Davis says that he is looking forward to the challenge of serving the people of Wayne County.

“My experience on the Detroit City Charter Revision Commission opened my eyes to the way government should operate to discharge its responsibilities to citizens. Detroit is on a sound financial footing today following the guidelines of that charter. Fiscal responsibility will be a foundation of my public service. Experience I have garnered working in the administration of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan serving people in the neighborhoods of Detroit that encompass my Wayne County Commission District in Northwest Detroit have helped prepare me to serve. I am ready to go to work for the people of the 6th Wayne County Commission District,” said Davis.

Davis says that his immediate priorities for Wayne County are clear. “Many miles of road that Wayne County is responsible for in communities such as Detroit are in disrepair and I will work to help repair those roads, streets and meet other county responsibilities such as keeping lights working that the county is responsible for. Senior citizens and children battling poverty are a top priority. In addition, I will work to ensure that those that have mental health challenges receive treatment not incarceration when appropriate so that they might become productive citizens,” said Davis.

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