Resident puts City of Warren on Blast over Rat Infestation Problem

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WARREN, MI – A resident in the City of Warren has put city officials on blast when she posted to Facebook about a rat infestation problem that she has been trying desperately to get help with.

Though the problem is not just isolated to the City of Warren, Brianna Zakar is honestly fed up with the run around that she has been getting. Brianna posted the following to Facebook on January 29th, 2018:


I am sure you get a lot of these per day and I apologize in advance for having to listen to it, but I think there may be some things you havent heard yet regarding the city of warren and their rat infestation problem.

My name is Brianna Zakar. I live at on Darryl in Warren. My issue began almost 6 months ago when my neighbors moved with their 2 cats. In the beginning it wasn’t too bad. My husband and I honestly didn’t think much of it because it is a problem in warren.

However 60 days after the move my husband and I started staying in the house once the sun went down. We’ve been making small subtle changes hoping for change. We have two small dogs. Ironically enough a RAT terrier and a chihuahua. My rat terrier wants nothing to do with what her breed historically does.

Back in October I started looking for cats because I was tired of being a prisoner in my own home and everything I researched on google lead me to getting a cat. Since we have 2 dogs and two young boys I was looking for a strictly outdoor cat. You wouldn’t believe how many shelters were mean to me because I was honest with my reasoning for a cat, isn’t that what they were bred for?

Anyway, I tried a cat out for a couple days and just realized it was too much for me to handle. Since then I moved my garbage from the side to the back of my house, then into my garage because rats were chewing through my garbage cans and my garbage would end up everywhere! Not to mention, with my research I found all the diseases rats carry in their bodies, feces and urine. Which made me put my garbage in my garage close my garage and never utilize it unless i absolutely have to.

Well, the rats then chewed a hole through the side wood of my garage door! My garage became infested once the sun would go down. I cleared my garage out so only the garbage was in there. Gross I know. Well then I started talking to people about it because well, I need help. I was told Warren had a FREE program. I contacted the property maintenance department and spoke with Allison. Once she found out I had a chihuahua she said their maintenance program wouldn’t be approved because the poison is lethal to small animals.

I then went to facebook because nothing seems to work these days unless its blasted on social media. Lo and behold I got a response from the city right on my post. I was promised a call from the mayor, which never came. However, Robin, a different girl, from the property maintenance department contacted myself and a few other neighbors who complained about the problem on my post.

I spoke with Robin and although I felt she was dismissing my complaint I at least felt heard that she was going to send out someone, a property inspector named Corey. She said he would contact me and we would work out a day to meet where I could be home and she noted my complaint that I am usually off on Thursdays. I explained that this week I was actually leaving to go out of the country and wouldn’t be returning until Monday.

I also left out the fact that I have a small dog to Robin since I will take her to my moms or my in laws while my property is baited. I did ask her if I should alert my neighbors who ALL have small dogs that my property would be baited. She said no that sadly this is the circle of life and that I need to worry about maintaining my property and fixing my problem and I shouldn’t be upset if other animals have to die because of it.

So… late Saturday night when I did return home I came home to a nice violation taped to my door for all the complaints I called and complained about. Rodent harborage. No shit! I told you there are at least 5 burrows between my house and my neighbors, you (Warren, Michigan Warren City Square) said you would send an inspector out to bait the property. Yes, I have leaky garbage containers the rats chew through everything I buy and I refuse to keep throwing away my hard earned money! Yes, I put my garbage out before 6pm the night of garbage pick up because I will not step foot outside once the sun goes down.

These rats are damn near the size of my chihuahua, I’m not over exaggerating I have pictures. I told her I will continue to keep my garbage in the street AWAY from my property until my property is baited and I start seeing these things die! She said I would be fined. I said the rats are chewing holes into my garage because I keep my garbage in my garage to keep these rodents away from my house, she then stated i should put my garbage in my backyard. How does this fix anything?

Then the rats will just change where they go and burrow. So she then tells me I need to call a rodent company to come out. I said I thought there was a free program? She then focuses on my garbage cans. I said I find it ironic that all of our neighboring cities have been provided with those new ultra thick garbage cans from their sanitation division that seem pretty rat proof or at least would take them a lot longer to chew through. She again asks if myself or my neighbor has contacted a rodent control company. LADY! YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD HAVE THE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE MAN OUT TO LOOK AT THE BURROWS AND THEN HAVE YOUR COMPANY COME OUT TO BAIT MY PROPERTY!

She kept reverting back to my garbage cans and how I should secure my garage, which I have done with steel reinforcements and brillo pads and now cannot open my garage, but they don’t seem to care. I have since left a message with the mayors office to have a call back because Allison and Robin will not help me. They continue to refer me to google and tell me to call my own company. I don’t think as a homeowner in the city of warren paying over $3000 for city taxes should have to pay gobs of money to fix THEIR problem when they supposedly have a “free” program in place. Minimally I believe they should be replacing everyones garbage cans with these large thick ones that the majority of the other cities have changed to.

If you drive down my street on a windy garbage day and see cans in the street you will notice that every single one of them has a hole chewed through the bottom. When I mentioned that to Robin her response was I am sure many of your neighbors have received the same warning for their garbage cans. Way to combat the problem warren! Kind of like they fill our pot holes with loose gravel, but thats another story. FOX 2 Detroit WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Mojo In The Morning 99.5 WYCD Marie Messing Feel free to tag as many other avenues and people to get this post shared.

Apparently our problem needs a voice and I refuse to continue to be afraid to leave my house or come home after dark without flashing lights and making loud noises before i feel its okay to walk to my front door!

Please contact me via Facebook messenger or if you want to help fight this war with the city of warren.

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