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Little Girls hair burned during Lunch at Noble Elementary by another Student

DETROIT, MI – A mother is outraged today after her daughter’s hair was burned during lunch by a boy at Noble Elementary on Wednesday February 7th, 2018.

Judy Holland took to Facebook to let others know what happened to her daughter. It appears that those who should be watchful over the students failed to do their jobs when the incident was being reported to them.

The following is what Judy posted to Facebook:

Somebody burned my daughter’s hair today at school.  Both of my daughters have the same lunch hour. Her sister Aniyah is in kindergarten and they sit at separate tables. Aniyah saw MiKaela crying so she went over to her and asked what was wrong. Mikaela told her sister that a little boy burned her hair with a lighter.

Mikaela is in first grade. Aniyah said let’s go tell. So they got up and tried to tell the lunch lady. The lunch lady told them to go sit down. Mikalea said i want to call my mama.

I am so angry. Thank God I didn’t put any gel, Spritz or any in her hair today. I let my girls go natural today. Natural fluffy ponytails. This is what happens in a elementary middle school?

They have metal detectors and security guards and a little boy burns my baby’s hair? She said he had a lighter.

Her feelings are so hurt and I am beyond angry I’m going up to the school tomorrow and raising hell. Her hair was in a side ponytail. When I took her hair down, it was all uneven. It still smells like fire, somebody’s paying big time ! SHE OR NO KID DESERVES TO BE BULLIED…. LET ALONE HAIR SET ON FIRE….

Judy Holland has contacted administrators at the school to get an explanation of what took place and why more was not done.

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