Ingham County Sheriff Notifies Public of Water Issue at Ingham County Office and Jail

MASON, MI – On Thursday February 8th, 2018 Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wigglesworth was notified by the county Facilities Director of an elevated level of copper in the water supply at the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and Jail, as well as other county buildings located in the City of Mason.Ingham County Jail

The elevated level of copper has been being monitored for some time by the Ingham County Health Department, and seems to be persistent.

Both Ingham County Facilities Department and the Sheriff’s Office have been taking our direction on this issue from the Health Department.

They immediately started to work with the facilities team to adjust run times on drinking fountains in cells and all areas in the jail to allow for the 30-60 second run/flush time. According to the Health Department, after proper flushing/running water for 30 seconds, the “action level” of copper goes below the allowable level set by the EPA.

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The Sheriff’s Department posted notices all over the facility and in the jail to run the drinking fountains for 30 second before drinking. Deputies began notifying the inmates personally twice each shift. In addition they are notifying inmates by scrolling this message on the video visitation monitors in the day rooms of posts.

The minor health effects due to acute exposure at one sitting (2L water) over the “action level”, would likely be some gastro intestinal discomfort.

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is using an over-abundance of caution in this circumstance. There is an extremely minor level of health risk even with acute exposure.