No Credible Incident found at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI – A post to social media once again put people into a panic about drugs, human trafficking and attempts of possible child abductions.

The most recent entry to Facebook that was posted on Monday February 12th, 2018, at 8:22pm, and is focused on Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights.  That message reads as follows:

Anyone who has children who go to Lakeside Mall be aware there was an incident Friday at Macy’s of 2 girls 1 got drugged by 2 guys with a perfume paper he waved in her face. Police or TV have not said anything.

According to mall security, police have investigated the claims and found no credible threats or confirmed incidents. No reported human trafficking incidents have been documented. No chloroform was found. No crime was committed.

Submissions to social media like this are popping up with a continued frequency.

Thousands of people became concerned and started getting answers when a message was placed on Facebook about an attempted abduction of a 25-year-old woman from Meijer in Shelby Township in August of 2017.

That particular message was shared out on social media over 7,200 times. So on average that means that 72,000 people saw the information and read it. Shelby Township Police confirmed that the content of that message was  indeed not valid and just a horrible rumor.

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Posts to social media like those are dangerous and reckless because they do place others into a mode of panic when there is no need or reason for it.  Calling police or mall security should have been the very first thing before someone should take to social media to spread information that is not actual.

Everyone needs to be aware of their surrounding. If you have children with you while your out shopping anywhere, you should always keep focused on where they are at in proximity to you to keep them safe at all times.