Woman dragged down the street to her Death [Updated]

Annetta Nelson

DETROIT, MI – A woman was found dead in a field near Winthrop Street and Plymouth Road, at about 4:30pm, on Monday February 26th, 2018.

Detroit Police began an investigation into the discovery of a woman who was found dead on the westside of the city. Early into the investigation they were able to develop a suspect based on video from a nearby business.

A homeless man, in his 40’s, was first detained and questioned. Based on interviewing him and reviewing the surveillance video, he was arrested for the murder.

The murder was all caught on camera in broad daylight. The suspect can be seen on the camera footage from a nearby gas station dragging the woman down the street in a horrific manner from a home in the 11600 block of Winthrop.

The woman is being identified as 56-year-old Annetta Nelson.

Someone with very little thought for the victim or her family posted the surveillance video to social media showing the shocking crime.  Before it could be removed, the woman’s daughter wanted to have the video remain online so others could see what happened to her mother. Her daughter stated the following:

I want this video of my mother’s murder to stay up. She was raped and brutally beaten to death. I want the world to see how sick and cruel people are and to show that this could’ve happened to your loved one. So, everyone needs to be cautious and aware.

A photo was released of Annetta Nelson by her daughter on social media.

Police have not provided any further details about the crime.

[Out of respect to the Ms. Nelson and to the victim’s family, MI Headlines would not normally allow video of this nature to be placed in an article but is making an exception based on the wishes of the woman’s daughter]

UPDATE: The family of Annetta Nelson, after much thought, requested that MI Headlines remove the video from this article.  Out of respect to Ms. Nelson and her family, we have immediately honored that request.

There were and are multiple copies of the video online from when it was originally posted by an unknown person. Unfortunately the name of the file can be changed before uploading to another website or system. Tracking down all copies of the original file could be difficult. MI Headlines took extra precautions and steps to ensure that the video was not allowed to be copied from our systems.

If you see the video posted in other areas of the internet, although there is no guarantee, you can contact the service or the person who posted it and ask they remove any copies that they have. It would be up to the service or that individual to grant that request.

A Go Fund Me account has been established to assist the family with funeral expenses.  If you would like to contribute to that fund, please CLICK HERE.