Stabbing Victim hits building with Car on Dover Ave

DETROIT, MI – On Sunday March 18th, 2018, a man was found to be stabbed on Dover Ave in his car at approximately 12:45 AM.Police raid

Early Sunday morning Detroit Police were called to the scene on Dover Ave on the westside of the city where the victim was found to have hit a building with his vehicle and had been stabbed multiple times prior to the accident.

The victim was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital in critical condition. It is currently unknown if he survived his injuries.

Police in Detroit had a very busy night as celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day wound down. Officers were sent to various areas of the city with multiple gun shots being reported. One run that officers were sent to was a non-fatal shooting near 7 Mile and Greeley where a man was found in a hallway of a building bleeding. The victim had suffered a gunshot wound to his stomach. That incident took place just after 1:00AM.