MSP called to investigate Double Murder in Tuscola County

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TUSCOLA, MI – In the small Village of Otter Lake, MSP and Millington Police had a possible murder mystery on their hands to solve.

In exclusive information you will only find on MI Headlines, authorities were notified by the friend of the suspect that they were in possession of bloody boots and clothing that the suspect had asked his friend to dispose of. The friend contacted police who took possession of the items. The items were analyzed and found to be covered in human blood.

The suspect had also asked his friend to take possession of a gun but the friend refused to do so. In making the requests to his friend, the suspect indicated that he had committed a murder.

MSP Troopers were dispatched and assigned to the investigation.

The suspect had remained at large and was believed to be off of his medication and was possibly still in possession of the handgun.

The Michigan State Police is confirming they are investigating a homicide that occurred on Friday March 30th, 2018, in the 9800 block of Boucher in Watertown Twp., Tuscola County.

Troopers responded to the residence and discovered a 45 year old man dead inside of the residence from apparent gunshot wounds.

The Michigan State Police crime lab responded to and processed the scene, securing and gathering evidence.

The first victim is identified as 45-year-old Peter Carl Brodick, Jr., from Watertown Twp. An autopsy has been scheduled as part of the investigation.

State Police investigators have been working with Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene and have executed several search warrants.

State Police detectives interviewed a person of interest in this investigation and subsequently took the suspect into custody. The 36-year-old suspect is currently lodged in the Tuscola County jail pending the authorization of formal charges.

On Sunday April 1st 2018, Michigan State Police investigations led detectives to a silo in Millington Twp., where the  second victim and stepmother of Peter Brodick, Jr. was discovered dead near a silo. She is identified as 55-year-old Wendy Brodick of Watertown Twp.

The murders are believed to have been the result of an ongoing dispute over rent. The suspect had gotten behind on his rent of a property and Wendy Brodick was in the process of taking the suspect to court over $1800 in back rent and to get him evicted from the property.

Peter Brodick Sr. and his wife Wendy were divorcing at the time of the murders. Peter Brodick Jr. and his stepmother were residing together as roommates living in a cottage in Watertown Township.

The investigation is ongoing. The suspect is expected to be formally charged on Tuesday

Otter Lake is between Marathon Township in Lapeer County and Forest Township in Genesee County. The southern two thirds of the lake is within the Village of Otter Lake, which also straddles the boundary between the two counties. The lake and village are less than one mile from the southern boundary of Tuscola County.

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