3 yr old out of Surgery after being Shot in the Head on Detroit’s northwest side

DETROIT, MI – The 3-year-old little girl who was shot in the head at a gas station on Detroit’s northwest side Saturday afternoon endured hours surgery to hopefully save her life.London

A relative has confirmed that little London Clark was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Detroit.  She is in critical condition and as of 8:15PM was still in surgery. She is now out of surgery as of 10:35PM. The extent of her injuries has not yet been released nor the expected future of her young life.

Many in the Detroit area and others who have heard of the tragic situation are praying for a positive outcome for London Clark. They have been expressing their outrage, and anger at the person who fired several rounds from a handgun. The community is very united that justice be brought to the person responsible for the injuries that the little girl sustained.  The prayers are asking that God grant the little girl a full recovery.

The shooting occurred at a Citgo gas station at approximately 3:15PM on Saturday April 7th, 2018. The little girl was in the back seat with her mother at her side when bullets started flying.  One of those bullets struck little London in the head.

The suspected shooter has been taken into custody. The incident all began with a verbal argument inside of the gas station located in the 15000 block of Livernois. The two men escalated the argument to a fight outside. One of the men grabbed a handgun from his vehicle. He fired several shots at the other man who was trying to hide behind the vehicle where the mother and child were at.

The gunman fired several rounds but did not hit his intended target. He did however critically injure the 3-year-old.  No other individuals were hurt during the exchange.