Huron Schools Threats Investigation

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NEW BOSTON, MI – On Wednesday April 11th, 2018 a student reported observing graffiti written on a wall within a School Threatbathroom located inside Miller Elementary. The graffiti included the word “bomb” but did not indicate a specific threat.

School Administration contacted the Huron Township Police Department School Resource Officer. Jointly, the threat assessment protocols were put into place. It is unclear how long the graffiti has been in place inside the bathroom.

No specific threat was made. The investigation is ongoing as a cooperative effort between the Huron Township Police Department School Resource Officer, Detective Bureau, and the Huron School Administration.

Good Afternoon Miller Families, 

This is Jean Gilbert, Principal of Miller Elementary.  This afternoon, graffiti was found written on one of our bathroom stalls.  The graffiti used the word “bomb,” and we initiated our safety protocols in our building.  Using our district safety protocols, we contacted the police, investigated the graffiti, and together determined that the threat risk was at the lowest level, and is not considered a threat.  As part of our protocol, I am sending you this message to keep you informed.  In addition, I sent out an automated call with this information to our Miller families.  

Our goal is to ensure student safety, and in doing so, we must make every effort to stay vigilant, even when it includes graffiti that does not pose a threat to student safety.  

Please be sure to have a conversation with your sons and daughters about “graffiti” and “pranks,” reinforcing that jokes about threats and/or threatening language of any kind in a school setting is not funny and will be taken seriously by school officials and law enforcement.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me in the school office.  

I believe that it is safe for students to attend school tomorrow. We will continue to investigate and inform the residents when additional information is available.”   -Everette Robbins, Director of Public Safety

Media that have further questions can contact Director of Public Safety Everette Robbins at 734-260-6125. ** Please do not publish contact information in media article.

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