Ypsilanti Barber Initiates Water Drive For Flint

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YPSILANTI, MI – The recent news that the State of Michigan was going to end its water giveaway program struck many as a blow to the stomach with the question being asked, “How could they?”….. This did not sit well with Ryan Griffin, a business owner in Ypsilanti, Michigan. His call to action is to ask that his customers drop off water to him and whatever is spent on water, he will be deducting said cost from their haircut and grooming services.  bottled water

When asked why he was doing this, Mr. Griffin stated, “It is difficult for me to watch people suffer. I feel that it is my/our responsibility to give our energy to one another. I saw a woman on Facebook saying, “look at this, look at this”. She did not ask for anything. She did not ask for money, water or medical aid. She just wanted the world to see how her son is suffering. I know that my effort is small. I know that a case or two may only help one family, but if it can bring some sort of relief or help; so be it.”

Ryan Griffin is no stranger in doing his part to positively impact the lives of others. He has previously been featured on local and national news outlets for a reading program he helped launched where young patrons are encouraged to read a book to their barber as they are getting their hair cut. The youngsters select their own book to read from the collection at the shop or can bring one with them to read to the barber. The goal of the endeavor is to increase the vocabulary of the kids, as well as their confidence from the detrimental imagery from music, movies and the like. With literacy being a major problem in urban communities, he says that he is just glad that other barbers in Ypsilanti, Tampa, Harlem and Iowa have similar programs that help to promote literacy.

Mr. Griffin is asking that even if you are not one of his regular customers, anyone is free to drop off water at his pace of business between now and the end of May. The water will be delivered and distributed in Flint, Michigan Memorial Day weekend. “It is not enough to just send thoughts and prayers to Flint, I have to do something. Flint, Michigan is just an hour away from Ypsilanti and not some remote third world place that we often hear about; but an hour away”, concluded Ryan.

 WHAT: Flint, Michigan Water Drive

WHERE: Griff’s Unlimited Cutz 880 S. Grove Rd. Ypsilanti, MI 48198

WHEN: Now – Friday, May 25, 2018 (Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM or Saturday 7AM – 4PM)

CONTACT: Ryan Griffin 734-709-2966

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