Woman found safe after Hiding from Abusive Boyfriend

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Tessa Lynn Turner

Tessa Lynn Turner

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – The online community rallied to assist in locating a woman who went missing for unknown reasons after her fiance’ posted to Facebook his pleas to help him find her.

With gratitude to the community, Tessa Lynn Turner has been located and is safe today Sunday, April 15th, 2018. That has been confirmed by her mother Barbie Stocks.

In an interesting turn of events that continue to play out on social media, Tessa Turner, 26-years-old, apparently went into hiding away from 49-year-old Timothy Johnnie Franzel. After Tessa came out of hiding, Johnnie Franzel deactivated his account on Facebook. That comes as no surprise because he was suspected of possibly harming Tessa prior to her disappearance.

Franzel’s niece jumped to defend her uncle as the hours went by with no word as to where Tessa was at. Della Janowski stated that ‘His past was 30 years ago. People do change. My uncle is a good man. Has always been here for me whenever I needed him. That’s the man I know. That’s the man I will defend.’

It was 30 years ago that events took place in 1988 where he was charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted for the assault of his then girlfriend. Many privately and publicly wondered if he could have changed.  Seemingly he had not.

Joell Maria

[Facebook photo/Joell Maria]

A woman, Joell Maria, who Johnnie Franzel dated approximately a year ago, posted the following to Facebook along with a photo for proof:

This is what that monster did to me last year!!! I don’t give a fuck what anyone says!! HE WAS INVOLVED in her disappearance!!! He probably let her go! Cuz that mother fucker locked me up too!!! Barbie, I prayed for your daughter when I found out they were together! I will continue to pray for that little girl. For as long as she is with him.. The end result will never be pretty!!! Good luck!!

The next obvious question that was put to Joell Maria, Did you press charges against him at that time?  She did not. She responded with:

Cuz I took him back! And it was too late! Cops wouldn’t help me after I took him back… If Tessa stays with that monster, this is her future!!! He sucks you in and knows how to manipulate!!! He makes you fall in love with him!!!! He knows what he’s doing!!! He is a predator! And casts a spell!!!!

After Johnnie Franzel allegedly beat upon Joell Maria and she took him back, the injuries needed to be explained away.  Franzel told everyone that they had been in a car accident and that is how she sustained the multiple bruises and cuts.

Tessa Turner’s mother responded to commentary about her daughter and events that had transpired that lead up to the disappearance of Tessa.  Barbie Stocks responded with the following to Johnnie Franzel’s niece Della Janowski

Well Della you don’t know shitt it maybe you shouldn’t go by what you’re told go buy facts 4 days ago he body slammed my daughter into a f****** Lake he put his hands on her numerous times so dig this b**** delete yourself from the f****** conversation.

Based on that revelation alone from Tessa’s mother, Timothy Johnnie Franzel needs to be, at the very least, questioned heavily by authorities. If Tessa will not press charges against him, the state can. The state would become the complainant because they can and do pick up charges in domestic violence cases.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, help is available.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7. Phone and chat services are available to anyone who has been affected by relationship abuse, including those who are currently in abusive relationships, those who are working to heal, friends or family of victims and survivors and anyone in the community who has questions about domestic violence. They have the ability to provide phone services in more than 200 languages.

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