New Video Surfaces from River Rouge Man Charged with Impersonating a Peace Officer

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RIVER ROUGE, MI – Almost everyone in the Detroit metro area has heard about or saw news reports concerning a River Rouge man allegedly impersonating police officers. On Sunday April 15th, 2018, Blake Purvis took to posting a Live Facebook Video that is dramatic to say the least.Blake Purivs Pre trial Hearing appearance

Blake Purvis is now facing two charges of impersonating a police officer from two separate incidents. The most recent charge is in Detroit

It is alleged that Purvis In November 2016, at approximately 6:00 p.m., was impersonating a police officer when he pulled over two men driving in the area of Stahelin and Ford Road.

The men were working with a Detroit Police Department community patrol group. The officers from the patrol group claim that Purvis pulled them over for having a flashing amber light on their car. When the men indicated that they would radio for a marked police car, Blake Purivs fled the scene.

During his pretrial today April 16th, 2018, the judge has ordered Blake Purivs banned from social media until all charges have cleared from the courts. The video that he shared on social media was posted mere hours before the judge ordered him to stay off all social media.

As you will see, the video remains blacked out throughout his entire dialogue.  The video starts out with the song of ‘This is How I Fight My Battles’.  You then hear the voice of Blake Purvis. His voice seems to be shaky when he begins. Then you hear through what will have to be described as ‘dramatic tears’ that he has received death threats and that his life is now a living hell and that the charges are bogus. He states that the incidents never happened and that he is being framed.

His conviction in Southgate, where he is on probation for the same exact conduct, was brought up in court during the hearing today. Since he is on probation for the same offence that he has two more charges for, the judge in that case can send him to jail for violating the terms that were set forth at that time.

Blake Purvis in his video claims that he will be victorious and the charges will be wisped away. However, with so many people pointing the finger to the accused, there is probably little chance for that.


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