Family Pleads for Justice in the Shooting Deaths of 2 Pets at the hands of Police

OAKLAND COUNTY, MI – A family in Oakland County appears to be living through a hell that was no fault of their own, so they say.

For the purposes of this article we will refer to them as “The Family”.

On May 11th at 10:55PM The Family posted on social media the details of what they say began on April 24th, 2018.

A family home in Oakland County was raided. Law enforcement officials kicked the door in, ordered the individuals in the home to the floor, and then proceeded to unload 16 bullets into their beloved family dogs named Remy and Henny.

They state that ‘the 3-year old Staffordshire Terriers were in the living room wagging their tails when the raid began. There were approximately 10-15 officers in the home who could have done something immediately if the dogs had shown any sign of aggression.’

The homeowners claim that they were never even given a chance to put the dogs away. Instead, despite their cries and pleas to stop, they were forced to witness two police officers unload their guns into their defenseless dogs.

The Family states that when all was said and done, Remy and Henny lay dead in pools of their own blood. No one was arrested that night. The police all left and the family was left to somehow deal with the mess. The house was riddled with bullet holes.

One saving grace to a very horrific night was that their 3-year old daughter was not at home at the time the raid went down and the assassination of the family pets took place. Her parents said that their daughter now wonders what happened to her best friends.

These dogs were beloved family pets. From all accounts, there was no reason for them to be shot and killed.

Police do not just randomly choose a house in a neighborhood and decided that they should kick in the front of the place and terrorize the residents of the home without cause or reason. They gather intel on that address. Who is living there, how many people, are there children in the home, are weapons suspected to be in the house, what is the past legal history of those living in the house?  The list can be exhaustive but it is information that authorities need to know before they bust down the doors to a structure.

That was a big part of The Family’s narrative that was missing.  Why did the police raid your home?  It was not a random attack.  One word answer to the picture: Drugs.

The Family stated that that ‘the 3-year old Staffordshire Terriers were in the living room wagging their tails before or when the raid began and 10-15 heavily armed police officers entered the house.

The dogs probably were in the living room wagging their tails before police attacked the house.  Nothing was wrong.  For them it was a normal point in time – until the raid began.

And from the dogs perspective, those officers did not enter the house like normal people do. That alone could have put the animals on the defensive.  They became frightened and wanted to protect their territory and their owners. The dogs do not understand controlled chaos.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard issued the following statement regarding the post to Facebook and his departments accounting of what took place that evening:

“I checked with our narcotics enforcement team commander and this is a completely false narrative. The individual would’ve had an opportunity to secure his dogs had he not fled through the home from the pursuing officers and allowed his dogs to turn and charge the officers who waited until the very last moment to defend themselves. The individual was charged with major opioid trafficking and is facing substantial felony charges.”

Given that information, the two stories differ dramatically.

If we are to take the side of the home owners, there would have been no reason why police raided their home. And on top of that the police shot and killed their family pets. If this were true, then you would hire the most high profile attorney to file a massive lawsuit against anyone and everyone involved with the raid that should not have happened to begin with. Not post a plea to Facebook.

If you are to side with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, then the picture becomes much more clear of when and why events took place and the ending result.

As for the dogs, they became casualties of the war on drugs at the hands of their owners not the police.  The owners put those dogs and anyone in that house in harms way because of their actions. Shifting blame will not bring your pets back.  Making better life choices before deciding to have more children and bring other pets into the home that is being monitored by police would greatly improve the situation.