Man from Detroit area arrested in OH for Drug Trafficking

MANSFIELD, OH – A man from the Detroit area was arrested Thursday, May 31st, 2018, while under investigation for drug trafficking in Mansfield, OH.Ronell Batchelor

Ronell Batchelor, 32-years-old, was being investigated for what detectives believed was regular heroin. After analysis of the seized evidence, the Mansfield Police Department’s forensic science section notified METRICH detectives the suspected heroin in the investigation was actually fentanyl.

Ronell Batchelor has been with four counts of trafficking in drugs, two counts of possession of drugs and one count of illegal conveyance.

The information from OH has Ronell Batchelor as a resident of Detroit.  A search of online records shows that he lives in Southfield on Shiawassee Rd.

METRICH Commander Lt. Joe Petrycki told the Manfield News Journal that preliminary 2017 data from the Ohio Department of Health indicates that 71 percent of all unintentional drug overdose deaths in Ohio involved illicit fentanyl or a fentanyl analogue.

Because the lab testing showed it was fentanyl, METRICH detectives made it a top priority to get Batchelor incarcerated as soon as possible.