$252,567,153 Recovered in Missing Child Support Payments for Michigan Children

LANSING, MI – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced that the Department of Attorney General has recovered a total of $252,567,153 in back child support payments since the Child Support Division’s inception in 2003.child support

“Every parent has a responsibility to support their children to the best of their ability while acting in good faith with the law,” said Schuette. “When a parent has the ability to pay child support but refuses to do so, we will work with the proper authorities to hold them accountable for the sake of Michigan’s children.”

The focus of the Child Support Division is for parents who have the ability to pay child support but refuse to do so. Schuette noted that while Michigan law allows for felony charges in some child support cases, the main goal in this department is to get non-custodial parents to resume regular child support payments. As a result, Michigan children get the resources they deserve.

Notable Cases: Extradition from Alaska

Notable cases include Jesse Pace, 41, of Alaska who owed $95,625 in child support payments. He was a previous resident of Clare, Michigan.

For the Department of Attorney General to get involved with child support cases there must be at least $7,500 in back payments owed and referrals come to the department in various ways. When a case comes to the department it is a 90-day investigation period before action is taken against owed payments.

In addition to recovering funds for Michigan families, the Child Support Division recovers taxpayers’ dollars spent to assist needy families when they do not receive the child support they should.

How to Contact the Child Support Division

If your child’s non-custodial parent has outstanding child support payments, child support complaint filing information is available online. Child Support Division personnel are also available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 517-373-1111.

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