21 yr old Flint Man Charged with Robbing Senior Citizen after Hiding in Victim’s Car

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FLINT, MI – A 21-year-old Flint man has been charged with robbing an elderly customer in a Flint credit union parking lot.ISAIAH DEONTAY BRADDOCK

Isaiah Deontay Braddock, 21-years-old, is charged with one count of armed robbery after he entered the unlocked vehicle of a 75-year-old man who had gone inside a credit union on Van Slyke Avenue in Flint Township last Friday to conduct business.

When the victim returned to his car, Isaiah Braddock was waiting for him in the backseat. After the victim got in and shut his door, Braddock warned the victim that he had a gun and demanded money and told him to drive away. The victim drove away as ordered and then pulled into another parking lot where Braddock exited and fled on foot into some nearby woods.

Flint Township police were dispatched to the scene and were assisted by numerous other agencies including the Michigan State Police K-9 Unit in locating the suspect. Braddock was found, arrested and taken into custody.

Prosecutor David Leyton said this case is a perfect lesson for why it is so important to lock your vehicle doors. “My message to everyone is to always keep your vehicle doors locked,” he said. “It is the easiest and most inexpensive way to protect yourself from thieves and that goes for your homes too,” he said.

“All too often, whether we’re heading into a convenience store for a quick purchase or going into a gas station to pay for gas, it’s tempting to leave car windows rolled down in the heat of summer and doors unlocked and engines running in the winter,” he said.

“We can’t necessarily stop the most determined thieves but we can deter 90% of those looking for an easy opportunity simply by locking our doors,” he said. 67th District Court database records indicate that Braddock was to be arraigned today, June 26th but, it is unclear whether that has yet taken place.

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