Acid Throwing Incident in Dearborn Heights turns into Hot Water Assault

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI – Shortly after 2:00AM on Tuesday June 26th, 2018, a Be on the Look Out was broadcast to law enforcement in the Detroit metro area concerning an acid assault that had taken place on a woman in Dearborn water

Police were told to be on the look out for man who is said to be the boyfriend of the victim after he threw acid in her face and fled the scene in her car that he stole.

Authorities were at Imperial Health Care in Dearborn Heights concerning an assault that had taken place on a female employee of the business. 

The woman’s boyfriend, Jayquae Jamal Williams, had gone to the business because he and his girlfriend, Jada Arnold, of Detroit, had been having an argument on Snap Chat. Jayquae Williams was accusing Arnold of cheating on him.

Jayquae Williams went to his girlfriend’s job at Imperial Health Care where they argued some more. He then took the keys to her brand new 2018 Ford Fusion. Next he threw something hot in her face and then said “I just threw acid on you.” That is when he fled the scene in her vehicle in an unknown direction.

It was later determined that Jayquae Williams had not thrown acid on the woman.  It was only hot water.

It is unclear at this time if Williams will himself be in hot water and face any charges for assaulting his girlfriend and fleeing in her vehicle.