Macomb County Sheriff Investigating Arrest Warrant “Scam” Phone Call

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MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – On June 25th, 2018, at approximately 3:30pm, The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office took a report that a resident had been contacted by phone and told they have a valid warrant for their arrest.Phone Scam

The caller’s telephone number showed up as 586-469-5151 (the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office main line) and the caller stated they were with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. The caller gave a date and time in which the resident must turn himself in or he would be arrested. When questioned on specific information, the caller hung up on the resident. The resident stated the caller sounded like an Arabic male and knew the resident’s name, address, and current telephone number.

The call was not made from The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and the caller is not affiliated with this office. In the past several months, several reports similar in nature have been made and the Sheriff’s Office wants the public to be aware of these fraudulent telephone calls.

“The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office will NOT solicit money or gift cards over the phone. In the case a resident does have a valid warrant, our staff may contact you to advise you of such. You may turn yourself in at the Macomb County Jail or the court of jurisdiction. If you are unsure if you have a warrant for your arrest and are suspicious of the person calling you, please come to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office with your identification and we will look into this for you.” Sheriff Anthony Wickersham

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office would also like to remind the public to NOT to give out personal identifying information over the phone.

If a citizen has received a phone call similar to this, they can make a formal report with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. This case is currently under investigation.

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