Shelby Township Police need help to ID Posey Pinching Pineapple Thief [Video]

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SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI – Let’s give the Shelby Township Police some help and ID a posey pinching pineapple thief.

Last month video surveillance at Vince & Joe’s Market caught the guy pilfering flowers and pineapples.  Evidently the first pineapple looked so good, he went back and took a second one.

Not only that but it appears that he was getting direction from gangsta grandma in the back seat of the Mercedes that he was putting the loot in. Guess you can afford to bounce in a Mercedes when your not paying for other things in life.

He needs a real taste of life.  Let him have a meal or two that includes a bologna sandwich and tasteless canned peaches in his very own jail cell while he awaits arraignment. And if he is any good at artwork, he can draw flowers on the walls of that jail cell while he cools his heels for a minute.

Be a hero and put a name to this guy and greedy grandma in the back seat. The car is described as a Mercedes E 350 2012-2014.

If you know who he is, please call Det. Johnson at 586-731-2121 ext. 348.

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