Barricaded Gunman Situation Ends in Saint Clair Shores [Video]

SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI – A suicidal barricaded gunman situation in St. Clair Shores ended at about 8:15PM on Sunday July 22, 2018.

No shots were fired and everyone is safe once again. The suspect has been taken into custody.

It is unknown at this time why the man was distraught but it is believed that he wanted to commit ‘Suicide by Cop’. The standoff took about 4 hours to come to an end.  It began right around 4:00PM in the 21800 block of Sunnyside  Street.

The individual had made threats that he would kill the first police officer that tried to enter the house that he had been held up in. He did come out of the house briefly with his hands up in the air but then reached for what may have been a weapon. He then retreated back into the residence where he barricaded himself in.

Police had the area closed off around Sunnyside Street and were doing every thing they could to keep others away while the drama played out.

In the video you can see a person who is wearing red. That individual was a relative that came to  help calm the situation down and to talk the suspect into surrendering himself to police. That relative remained on scene talking with the suspect via cellphone to determine what it was that he wanted and how those involved could help him.

At about 8:10PM the suspect came out of the house and was ordered by police to put his hands up and get on the ground. He was then taken into custody without further incident.

Authorities have not yet released any statements regarding the situation.

Please check back for any updates