Arrest of Troubled Adult Nathaniel Abraham [Videos]

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PONTIAC, MI – The young man with a troubled past as a child seems that he is having problems staying out of the cross hairs of the law as an adult.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Detectives were actively looking for Nathaniel Abraham who had agreed to turn himself in at 8:30AM August 8th, 2018, at 50th District Court, for an outstanding warrant for Indecent Exposure but he did not show.

While Detectives were northbound on Baldwin Rd. at Montcalm they observed Abraham walking southbound. When Deputies approached to take him into custody he fled on foot across Baldwin Rd. to St. Clair St. where Deputies caught up to him and attempted to arrest him. He began actively resisting and starting striking three Deputies with a closed fist. They were able to take him into custody after having to deploy a Taser.

Abraham was cleared by Star EMS before being transported and lodged at OCJ on the outstanding warrant and was lodged on pending charges of Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest. 3 Deputies had injuries that were minor and did not require medical attention.

Nathaniel’s troubles began many years ago when at the age of 11 he was convicted of second-degree murder. He became the youngest person in America to be convicted as an adult. He spent almost 10 years in Children’s Village before being released at the age of 21..

In 1996 Michigan passed a law, which was was one of the strictest in the nation, allowing a child of any age to be tried as an adult. Three years later after that law was passed, the state found itself embroiled in the country’s most controversial juvenile murder trial.

After his release, he was arrested for selling Methamphetamine in 2008.  Then while in prison, after he pled guilty to the charge, he was charged with Assault Of a Prison Employee in November of 2010.  Again he took a plea agreement and was sentenced in June of 2012.  Abraham was released from parole less than two months ago on 06/28/2018.

The obvious must be stated. Many believe that Nathaniel is being targeted and that he has not been afforded the chance, opportunity or skills to be a productive member of society. There are those who wrote him off a long time ago and feel he should be institutionalized for the remainder of his life. Maybe the answer is a mix of the two.

On August 10th Nathaniel Jamar Abraham, 32 year old,  of Pontiac, was arraigned on the following charges:

1st Arrest Charges:

Ct 1: Indecent Exposure 1-year misdemeanor

2nd Arrest Charges:

Ct 1: Police Officer-Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing Causing Injury- 4-year felony

Ct 2: Police Officer-Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing- 2-year felony

Ct 3: Police Officer-Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing- 2-year felony

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