FOX News Mistake Not Setting Well with Aretha Fans

DETROIT, MI – It was no secret that Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle had a frosty friendship. Aretha and Patti never performed together. So when Fox News superimposed an image of Patti LaBelle in a tribute to Aretha, fans on social media made sure that they were heard and not happy about it.

Phil Lewis, a Detroit native and a front page editor with the Huffington Post, posted the following on Twitter:

FOX later apologized for the mistake They blamed it on an editing error.  Some on social media even saying that FOX News was being racist.

Laurie Crosswell @lauriecrosswell

Fox News is as racist as the president they support.  via @thedailybeast

With someone who was bigger than life like Aretha was, you would think that FOX News and their editors would have put in place a means to catch errors like the one that was made.  Especially when the mistake coincides with that persons death.

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