Westland Police Respond to Outrage over Online Video

WESTLAND, MI – Both sides of the isle have been heard from concerning the issue of a video that was posted online, that went viral, after a man was tasered while holding a baby.

Obviously there are people on both sides who have opinions and thoughts of what they can only see in the video. Until today Westland Police had not responded to multiple requests for comment. The following is what they are saying:

On August 17th Westland Police Officers were dispatched to an address on Alberta Court in Westland on report that a male subject had physically assaulted a female and that he had damaged her vehicle.

Westland Police Officers made contact with the man involved in the incident. It was determined that the man was going to be arrested for the assault, the damaged property and also for a number of outstanding arrest warrants. Once the man learned that he was going to be arrested he grabbed the child from the mother’s arms and held the child tightly. The man refused to release the child back to the mother who was also asking for the child back.

At that time the police officers on scene felt that a close quarters direct taser deployment directly to the subjects back was the safest option. The video shows that during the deployment the child was also in the hands of the mother. The child was not injured during the arrest. The child was examined by the Westland EMT and turned over to the mother.

Like all Use of Force incidents, The Westland Police Department will conduct a thorough internal investigation to determine whether policy and procedure was followed and whether the incident was handled correctly. At this point in time that investigation is only in the beginning phase.