3 Shot to Death at White Castle on Warren Ave [Updated]

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DETROIT, MI – Three young men were gunned down inside of the White Castle restaurant located at 6301 W Warren Ave. Three are confirmed dead. The ages of the three were 25, 24 and 20.

This White Castle is a place where many like to gather. The three victims were inside of the restaurant lobby when two men entered at around 12:25 a.m. Sunday, September 9th, 2018. The two gunman opened fire on the three victims with what are believed to have been AK-47’s. The three victims also had weapons of their own and began firing back. All three victims were found unresponsive when help arrived.

There were a total of 5 known people inside of the restaurant that had guns and were shooting at each other. Each victim and the two suspects were firing at everyone around them.

When the shots rang out people were said to be running for their lives because ‘All Hell Broke Loose!’ Windows to the restaurant were completely blown out from the war of gunfire.  Handguns were recovered at the scene.

The three victims were found inside of the restaurant shot multiple times.

One person who lives in the area very close to where the incident took place said that the neighborhood has become infested with drugs, guns and a great deal of violence.  The home that they live in has been firebombed twice because of people living in the lower apartment who have been selling drugs. They also stated that there have been other people over a span of time who have been shot and recovered from their wounds or have been shot and killed like those at White Castle.

Evidence techs were called to the restaurant to take photos and collect evidence early Sunday morning.

Homicide Detectives were on scene as of 1:45AM Sunday morning taking reports from anyone who may have witnessed the horrific event.

As of 2:53AM officers on scene were asking central dispatch to send more scout cars to block off Warren Ave to Gilbert while they continued the investigation. That would indicate that the crime scene was very large.

As of 5:22AM Officers remained on scene processing the evidence. Police have no description of the shooters and the circumstances leading up to the shooting remain unclear.

The restaurant remained closed Sunday but is expected to reopen at 9:00AM Monday morning.

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