18 yr old Fenton Man Arrested after High Speed Chase

BAD AXE, MI – On Tuesday September 11th, 2018, at 3:05AM, Deputy Marc Woodward was in the area of M-53 and Wadsworth Rd. in Sheridan Twp. when he observed a Chevrolet Impala traveling northbound at 69 mph in the 55 mph zone.

He attempted to stop the vehicle which wouldn’t as it accelerated. With no traffic on the roadway, the Deputy decided to pursue the vehicle toward Bad Axe. Once near Bad Axe, the Bad Axe City Police joined in. Both agencies ended up pursuing the vehicle around three side streets before the suspect vehicle headed eastbound toward Harbor Beach on M 142.

Around this time, the City of Harbor Beach Police started westbound to get into position to assist. As the chase continued toward Harbor Beach, the Harbor Beach Officer observed the vehicle at 110 mph near the Minden Rd. area, as he had been pulled off of the road as the suspect went by.

With traffic now off in the distance, the Deputy called off the chase, which had totaled 9 minutes from start to finish. The Deputy and two officers then debriefed and headed back to their perspective areas. While the Bad Axe Officer was coming back into the Bad Axe area, he came up behind what appeared to be the suspect vehicle, which apparently had circumnavigated around side roads from the Harbor Beach Area to end up back on M-142 near Bad Axe.

While observing the vehicle crossing the centerline as the Bad Axe Officer followed it, he decided to attempt to stop it and the driver did comply. An 18-year-old male from Fenton was found to be the driver with his 17-year-old sister to be the passenger.

As the Bad Axe Officer and Deputy looked into the situation, it was learned the driver was suspended and further information was gathered that connected him to the chase. He was then arrested and lodged in the Huron County jail for driving while suspended, reckless driving, felony flee and elude and no insurance on the vehicle.

Formal charges will be sought today with possible arraignment this afternoon. As of the time of this release, he remains in jail on a $1,700 cash bond. His 2012 Chevrolet was impounded and friends from the Flint area came and picked up the suspect’s sister.

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