Employee Reportedly Arrested after Spitting into Food at Comerica Park [Video]

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DETROIT, MI – In a video that went viral on social media, a young man is shown to be spitting into food that he was preparing at Comerica Park.

Outrage and disgust followed after the video was posted showing the suspect spitting into what appears to be a pizza that he is assembling. The incident happened on Friday.

The logo on the employees shirt does indicate that this incident did in fact occur at Comerica Park. It is unknown who shot the video and if that person is being investigated as well or if the suspect was able to video the incident on his own.

One person stated in comments that ‘Detroit Police are investigating this.’ Another person states that he works at the Park and that the subject was arrested on an unrelated warrant and the he is expected to be charged on Tampering with Food. The employee has been fired.

The video has been viewed over 70 thousand times and has been shared well over 2600 times on social media.

*** Warning – This video should not be viewed by all ***

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