FBI Data Shows Troy Crime Rate Down In 2017

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TROY, MI – Troy’s already low violent crime rate dropped for the second year in a row, according to recently released FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics. Troy experienced a drop of 4.3 percent in violent crimes and other serious offenses, known as “Group A Crimes,” and an overall drop in crime of 2.7 percent in 2017.Troy Police

Notable changes include a 14.6 percent decrease in assaults, a 9.6 percent decrease in vandalism, a 6.2 percent decrease in larcenies and a 60 percent decrease in robbery. In 2017, there were no homicides in Troy.

“We owe our continued low crime rate to the efforts of our community, along with the hard work of our police officers,” said Chief Gary Mayer. “Troy continues to be an extremely safe place to live, work or visit.”

Increases in incidents were seen in some categories such as prostitution offenses and forcible sex offenses. While both of these categories are comprised of relatively few total incidents, the increase may warrant additional consideration.

For forcible sex offenses, 25 incidents were reported in 2017 versus 14 in 2016. This statistic may reflect a societal movement of increased reporting of sex offenses.

“We are glad that victims are coming forward and trust us to seek justice on their behalf,” said Mayer. “We have skilled detectives working in this area and boast of a very high clearance rate for sex crimes.”

Troy has an 88.9 percent clearance rate for forcible sex offenses, while nationwide data suggests that a 40 percent clearance rate is the average.

As for prostitution offenses, Troy police officers arrested 10 individuals as opposed to two in 2016.

“In response to community concerns and tips from multiples sources, we have placed a high priority on investigating prostitution operations masquerading as legitimate businesses,” said Mayer referring to several massage parlor investigations.

Drunk driving arrests remained nearly static with 302 arrests made in 2017 versus 304 in 2016.

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