Road Rage Incident Plays out with Mother and Two Children [Video]

DETROIT, MI – Lauren Wedlow had a harrowing experience with a man this morning, Wednesday September 26th, 2018 in what is an obvious road rage incident.

It is unknown which of the two drivers may have been at fault but anger did spill out when the man driving a pick up truck got out of his vehicle and confronted Wedlow.

Lauren Wedlow was able to capture the incident on video that she posted to social media. She states in her comments that he used a racial slur against her but that cannot be heard in the videos that she posted. With the videos she posted the following:

While dropping my babies off this morning to school this man ran me off the road because I was driving to slow. After I was scared out my life and my babies in the back scared he scream black bitch and I will kill u!! after he proceeded to scream bitch and nigger at me I get back in line and record his license plate he then get mad and get out his car and tried to open my car door. He could have tried to shoot me or anything I’m a young black women alone in the car with two small kids! After that he still scream bitch and nigger at me while I inform him I’m recording him. I then called 911 and the police and they said they will send somebody out to search the area smh now Facebook if it was a white women saying it was a black man screaming and trying to open her car door it would have been hell for every black man in Warren smh please pray for us because I swear I will be at that police station every day because me and my babies could have lost our life!! Love ya

Some have blasted the mother on social media for her actions but she is not backing down.  She posted a follow-up comment to them:

Thank you for all the love as of now the police said I did the right thing and because I did what I did I got the plate and the man face and now we got the man who did this so I did what I thought I had to do. Thank for all y’all opinions but it don’t fucking matter and u see why black people don’t stick together!! No matter what I did I’m a black woman and he could have killed me and nobody would have knew who did it but since all this black people dying I think I wasn’t going to get this man license plate and get his ass arrest so fuck y’all I did the right thing so shut the fuck up

Road Rage Incident Plays out with Mother and Two Children from MI Headlines Media on Vimeo.