No Warrant Issued for Arrest in Roseville Road Rage Incident

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ROSEVILLE, MI – Social Media has gone into overdrive about a road rage incident that was caught on video by the female who was involved.Road Rage

During an interview with FOX 2 Detroit, 28-year-old Lauren Wedlow stated she went to the Roseville Police Department after the incident and that a warrant was out for that man’s arrest who was the other party involved in the incident.

MI Headlines spoke with the Roseville Police Department this morning, Thursday September 27th, 2018 and learned that is not the truth. There is no warrant out for the man’s arrest and that Wedlow was being referred to the prosecuting attorney’s office to discuss it with them.  The decision would then be made by the prosecuting attorney’s office if any charges would be filed after a thorough investigation were done. The investigation is being handled by Roseville Police.

No further information is available concerning this incident at this time but we will continue to follow this story.

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