Group Works to Save Woman after Suspected Overdose

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DETROIT, MI – A group of strangers came to the aid of a woman who was found slumped over on a Detroit sidewalk on the city’s west side on Friday September 28th, 2018.


[Victims face morphed to hide identity]

The woman was found at approximately 4:45PM on Grand River Ave off of Greyfield. A total of eight people worked to save the woman who was clearly in medical trouble.  The victim was first discovered by one of MI Headlines Research Assistants and her daughter as they have been working all day to move into their new home.

They got out of their vehicle and started to render aid to the woman.  Shortly after they began assisting, another group of four people stopped to help.

In that group was a woman by the name of Shantell. She is being praised for doing an excellent job in working to save the victim as she was fading from life very quickly on the sidewalk. Shantell was able to provide CPR support while they waited for EMS to arrive on scene.

By the time the victim was taken to the hospital by EMS, a group of eight people, strangers, had stopped what they were doing in their daily lives to render critical aid to one person.

The entire group stated that the biggest problem was not rendering aid to the victim but that they were put on hold while talking with dispatchers at 911 Central Dispatch. One person was able to obtain video at the time that the crisis was occurring.  In one of the video clips you can clearly hear stress in the voices of those who were trying to provide life saving measures because they were being left on hold with 911 for an extended period of time and were obviously concerned for the woman’s life.

The victim was transported to the hospital.  Her condition has been stabilized.


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