Fatal Roseville Fire Possible Case of Arson

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ROSEVILLE, MI – Investigators are looking through the burned remains of a house that killed a 75 year-old grandmother and severely injured her 42-year-old daughter.Maple Street

At approximately 8:15AM on Saturday October 6th, 2018, firefighters arrived on scene and started pulling victims from the burning structure. At that time it was unknown why but Roseville Police told fire crews that they needed as much of the scene preserved due to circumstances.

Today we are learning that in fact they are looking into the fire as a case of arson.  Roseville Police are now saying they believe this fire was set intentionally but have not yet indicated who may have torched the house.

Police believe the 75-year-old woman died of natural causes and may have died the day before the fire was set.

Chatter on social media believes that the 42-year-old daughter set the fire but it is unknown why.

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