Detroit Police ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ event

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DETROIT, MI – Today, the Detroit Police Department Domestic Violence Unit and Victim Assistance Program hosted the “Stop Domestic Violence” event in honor of Domestic Awareness Month at the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters.

The event honored the support system and continued relationships between the police and the community members effected by domestic violence.

“October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so we try to do something every October,” said Detroit Police Sergeant Kyla Williams, event organizer. “Our main objective is to promote prevention and awareness, and two is to let those who are affected by it, to let them know they have support. We are here for them, not just in the month of October but 365 days a year.”

During the event, several survivors shared their personal stories, as a way to show their support for each other.

“I think today’s survivors who shared their story with us had a powerful impact,” Williams said. “They gave us a good snapshot into how you can go through something and still come out at the end better than when you went in it. One of the survivors talked about trusting the process, and someone in the audience who went through the same thing, but is in a different stage, hopefully it encouraged them to step forward.”

The Detroit Police Victim Assistance Program provides crisis intervention, counseling, referrals and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and homicide. Originally established as the Rape Counseling center in 1975 by the Detroit Police Department, the center was one of the first operated by police in the country.

The event ended with a release of doves, meant to symbolize peace, love and hope, in support of victims of domestic violence and survivors.

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