Suspicious Man with Flashlight in Fraser [Video]

FRASER, MI – Neighbors are making other neighbors aware of a suspicious man with a flash light coming on to their property and they do not know why.

The person who posted the video is asking the question “Has this happened to anyone in the area? Why would he come up to my door with a flashlight?”

The incident took place at about 6:00PM on Sunday November 11th, 2018, in the area of Fraser Ave, Janet Ave and Moores Ave.

A man pulls into the driveway of the home owner in what appears to be an older model Ford Taurus. He gets out with a flash light and is looking for something on the house. When the home owner comes to the door, the suspect turns, gets back in his car and leaves without explanation.

Occurrences like this make homeowners and others very uneasy when they do not know why a person is near their home and on their property. When there are elderly individuals who live in neighborhoods or those who live alone, they become frightened by these types of incidents.

If you have a suspicious incident happen on your property, call your local police department to file a report.  There could already be reports for such activity that the public is not currently aware of.