Jury Convicts Mt. Morris Man of Four Counts of CSC Involving Young Victims

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FLINT, MI – A jury has convicted a 30-year-old Mt. Morris man of sexually assaulting two underage girls during the past ten years.jail

Ronald Joseph Hinman was convicted of four felony counts related to various acts that occurred as far back as ten years ago. The first assaults involving a teenage girl occurred in 2008 and the most recent assault occurred two years ago involving a female under the age of 13. Hinman was convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct first degree and two counts of criminal sexual conduct third degree.

“Criminal sexual conduct in all its forms is a serious matter which we will continue to fight against every day,” said Genesee County Prosecutor Leyton after the jury returned with its verdict.

“In this case, there were several young victims who Ronald Hinman preyed upon over the course of many years and he will soon be facing a very lengthy prison term for his actions,” he said. Hinman faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced on December 17th in the 7th Judicial Circuit Court of Genesee County.

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