MSP Metro North Answers Questions About 138MPH Teen Driver

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DETROIT, MI – MSP Metro North answered on Twitter four questions that media and the public wanted answers to concerning the 17-year-old teenage driver who was caught traveling at 138 miles per hour on I-75 because he was late for his curfew at home. The last answer has caused an uproar in the African-American community because many feel that Michigan State Police should have declined to answer a question about race.reckless-driving

The recap to what they were answering questions about is concerning 17-year-old teenager from Grand Blanc who was late for his curfew and was trying to get home as quick as he could on I-75 traveling recklessly at 138 Miles Per Hour.

On November 23rd, 2018, at 8:45PM, MSP Metro North Troopers clocked a 2012 Chevy traveling at 138 miles per hour in the left lane of I-75 Northbound near Holly Rd. The driver tried to duck off on to E Holly Rd but was caught by the Trooper.

MSP Metro North posted on Twitter the following:

“Follow Up on Yesterday’s SMH Award Tweet: This tweet has generated a lot of discussion, which is always good, and a lot of questions as well. So lets answer some the questions we have gotten on social media, email, and calls to the post. So after some research:

Question #1:  What kind of car was he driving? It was a Chevy Camaro.

Question #2: What is he facing when he answers to the violation of 138MPH in a 70MPH zone in court?

A 138/70 speeding ticket is four points, increased insurance rates and fines and costs set by the court of at least $180.00.

Question #3: What is he facing when he answers to the violation of Reckless Driving in court?

Reckless Driving is a 93 day misdemeanor which involves fingerprinting, mugshots and posting bond to appear in court.

MSP added that the last question is about identifying the driver including some disappointing comments about race. “Since he is only seventeen, already in a lot of trouble with mom and dad, we are going to only identify him as a 17 year old African-American male from Grand Blanc.”

MSP Metro Detroit obviously felt the last question was inappropriate on a couple of levels. Anyone with knowledge would appreciate the fact that he is 17-years-old and in the eyes of the law he is still a minor.

The last and so many feel the most important part to MSP answering the questions concerning this matter are those who asked what race the teenage driver was. There are many who believe that Michigan State Police should have declined to answer the question and not add that to their tweet. It should not matter the color of a person when operating an automobile and they should not have released that portion of their statement on Twitter.

The ending of this MSP posted “Hopefully we can all take something away from this. Your troopers see all kinds of things during their shift. We give them the discretion to handle all situations. If you have to be somewhere at a certain time, leave early. Slow down and drive Michigan Safely!”

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