Detroit Man Charged in Kidnapping of Five-Year-Old Girl

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DETROIT, MI – Fernando San-Miguel, 17-years-old, of Detroit, has been charged in connection with the kidnapping of a five-year-old girl from her Detroit backyard.arrest

On February 24, 2019 at approximately 3:20 p.m., the five-year-old girl and her 11-year-old sister were in their backyard at their home located in the 1100 block of Wheelock in Detroit.

When the 11-year-old girl went to retrieve a ball from the front yard, it is alleged that Fernando San-Miguel ran past her into the yard. The 11-year-old girl heard him call to her five-year-old sister, it is alleged that he picked her up and placed her over a back fence into a neighbor’s yard and then he jumped over the fence. When the 11-year-old sister yelled at him, Fernando San-Miguel then placed the five-year-old back into her yard before leaving the scene on foot. An investigation by the Detroit Police Department led to the arrest of the suspect.

Fernando San-Miguel has been charged with one count of Kidnapping – Child Enticement.

He is expected to be arraigned this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in 36th District Court.

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