Investigation Leads to Troy Police Officers’ Discipline for Entering Locked Room at Fire Station

TROY, MI – On January 15th, 2019, Troy Fire Department administration informed Police Department administration that several police officers were entering a locked walk-in food pantry in one of the fire stations. The Police Department initiated an internal investigation and, in the interim, discontinued police officer access to all fire stations.Troy Police

The internal investigation, which focused on police officer access to a locked room containing snacks in a fire station, has been completed. Police Department administration found that twenty officers admitted to entering the locked room to access snacks and meal break supplies.

The Fire Department has long been gracious hosts to Troy Police officers, and has invited officers to partake in the snacks available at each fire station. Police Department personnel have allowed key fob access to all fire stations within the city, which officers use for meal and restroom breaks.

The fire station in question was recently remodeled. Snacks were moved from an open area in the kitchen to the locked pantry at the time of the remodel. Involved officers, during the internal investigation, indicated that they believed they were allowed to access the snack area as they had in the past.

The Troy Police and Fire Departments continue to enjoy a positive work relationship, as they have historically. Many Troy police officers also serve as Troy volunteer firefighters.

All officers involved in entering the locked room have been disciplined and this matter is considered closed by Police and Fire Department administration. The Troy Police Department holds our Police Officers to the highest standards and entering an unauthorized area of another city department, no matter what the rational, is unacceptable.

The Police and Fire Departments look forward to moving ahead with the same outstanding working relationship.