Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder for Firing at Officer

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MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – Attempted murder charges have been authorized on 22-year-old man who shot multiple times at a Roseville Police Officer at the Roseville Home Depot.Roseville Police Department

Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Smith charged the suspect, Victor Oliver, with the charge of Assault with Intent to Murder, a maximum life felony, as well as Possession of a Firearm in the commission of a Felony, which carries a mandatory two years in prison.

Yesterday, March 11th, 2019, at approximately 5:00 PM, Roseville police received phone calls regarding an altercation at the Baymont Inn. Police and prosecutors allege that the Defendant left the hotel and entered the nearby Home Depot on 13 Mile Rd. and Little Mack openly carrying a loaded weapon, stating that he was going to kill everyone.

Officers quickly arrived on the scene, confronting Victor Oliver in the parking lot. Upon ordering Oliver to drop his weapon, he instead pointed his weapon at the officer and opened fire. The officer, in fear for his life and those of the innocent patrons in the parking lot, fired back. Multiple rounds were exchanged. Victor Oliver was struck twice, once in his leg and the other in his upper right arm.

Victor Oliver then attempted to flee, dropping his hand gun in the parking lot, as officers successfully apprehended him. The police began issuing emergency medical attention to him, including administering a tourniquet. Ultimately, he was placed into an ambulance, accompanied by an officer and taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

“This Defendant walked into a crowded store with evil intentions. If not for the prompt, diligent actions of the Roseville Police, today our community could be mourning the tragedy of a mass shooting,” declared Prosecutor Smith. “In my 25 plus years as a prosecuting attorney, I rarely have seen such bravery and self-control exhibited by a group of police officers,” continued Smith. “The Roseville Police acted in exemplary fashion and should be commended!”

The suspect is currently under supervision at the hospital, receiving continued treatment for his wounds. He is expected to be arraigned by Judge Tocco of the 39th District Court – Roseville sometime this afternoon at the hospital.

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