Cheboygan County Motorists Need to Slow Down

CHEBOYGAN, MI – Cheboygan County-Sheriff Dale Clarmont asking motorists to slow down during the snow melt due to pooling water and ice on the roads.Cheboygan County

Sheriff Clarmont stated his department started fielding accidents today around 6:30 am as the commute started due to rains sweeping the area and making the roads more of an ice rink than a roadway. “We had several calls of vehicles going of the roadways due to the icy road conditions along with hydroplaning.” said Clarmont.

The first accident came in at 6:30 am and was a roll over on I-75 S/B near the 296 mm in Nunda Township. The driver, James Smith Jr., 38-years-old, of Cheboygan, was traveling on I-75 operating a 2008 Dodge Caravan when he passed a vehicle and lost control due to the road conditions. “As he completed the pass he started to hydroplane, slid across the roadway and into the snow bank along the shoulder and overturned.” said Clarmont. The Sheriff said speed was a factor. Neither Smith nor his
passenger sustained any injury.

“I want to remind drivers that due to all the water not being able to drain off the roads and the icy conditions, with temperatures at or below freezing at night for the next couple of days drivers need to slow down, it can be dangerous traveling.” The Sheriff also explained that with the rain continuing, the back roads remain slick and the bottom of hill areas and dips in the road are containing most of the water.

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