Pontiac High Student Injures Officer while being Arrested

PONTIAC, MI – An Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy who is assigned as the School Resource Officer at Pontiac High School had been notified by a teacher that two students were in her classroom that were not authorized to be there. Pontiac High School

As the teacher was in the process of notifying the Deputy, the classroom door was slammed shut by an unknown student, locking the door. The Deputy went to investigate and was let into the classroom by another student. The Deputy asked who was responsible for slammed the door. A student identified himself and said it was an accident. The Deputy asked the student to step into the hallway to discuss the situation.

Once in the hallway, the 17-year-old student was identified by the teacher as the same student who was not authorized to be in the classroom. While speaking with the student, the student became disorderly and belligerent towards the Deputy yelling at him to “get out of my face” and then punched the Deputy in the chest. The Deputy advised the student he was under arrest and attempted to take him into custody. The student resisted arrest and struck the Deputy in the shoulder during the struggle and grabbed his shirt collar as he resisted. The Deputy was then able to gain control of the subject with the assistance of a teacher and two security guards and the subject was subsequently taken into custody.

The student was lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending the issuance of criminal charges. The Deputy sustained an injury to his left hand and sought medical treatment at a local Urgent Care Facility where he was diagnosed with a fractured hand. The incident will be presented to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for charges.

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