2 Detroit Men Convicted in 2018 Violent Kidnapping in Knoxville

Darius Patterson / Lavan Johnson

KNOXVILLE, TN – Two men from Detroit were convicted in a violent 2018 kidnapping that involved electrical cords, an AR-15 and threats to kill the victim.

29-year-old Darius Patterson and 20-year-old Lavan Johnson were convicted of the violent kidnapping that occurred on Saturday February 17th, 2018.

Officers said Lavan Johnson had abducted a man from his home on Ball Camp Pike and took him to an address on Massachusetts Avenue.

Lavan Johnson and Darius Patterson were convicted of tying the victim up with electrical cords before punching him in the face. Johnson pointed an AR-15 at the victim before Patterson placed a pistol in the victim’s mouth, threatening to kill him.

The victim was able to escape by jumping out of a window and running to safety.

Knoxville police later arrested Johnson and Patterson, and said they found a stash of drugs that they were able to sell.

Darius Patterson was sentenced to 40 years behind bars without the possibility of parole for kidnapping, possession with intent to sell cocaine and heroin, and using a firearm as a dangerous felon.

Lavan Johnson was sentenced to 30 years behind bars with the possibility for parole after 15 years for kidnapping and possession with intent to sell heroin and manufacture fentanyl.

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