Macomb County Board of Commissioners Rejects 911 Fee

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MOUNT CLEMENS, MI –  A new fee on your phone was rejected by the Macomb County Board of Commissioners earlier this week.911 Fee

The County Executive Office’s proposed fee would have added an additional $0.42 per month to each phone line you have. The purpose for the proposed fee? To improve 9-1-1 dispatch services throughout the County.

While the vote to reject the proposed fee was close, 7 against it and 6 for it, one service remains a top priority for all Commissioners-public safety. Members of the Board of Commissioners also keep the best interest of their constituents at the forefront of their decision making process.

For a majority of the Commissioners, a new emergency services fee was currently not in that best interest. Some cited reasons such as Macomb County’s emergency dispatch center (COMTEC) currently having the most advanced 9-1-1 technology available, money to fund the additional dispatch needs for the next year has already been found within the County budget and that the decision should have gone to a vote of the people.

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