Woman Assaulted in Chrysler 300 not Eastside Murder Victim [Video]

Video Credit:  Fannie Hamilton


DETROIT, MI – A video that was posted to Facebook recently had many wondering if it were murder victim Stephanie Thomas.

The attached video was posted the day before 36-year-old Stephanie Thomas was found shot to death on Coplin Street on Sunday morning, May 19th, 2019. That crime took place between Warren and Mack Ave.

The beating of the woman in the Chrysler 300 took place 2 miles away from the Coplin Street murder scene. This assault took place in the area of Conner and Jefferson. It was unknown at the time when Stephanie’s body was discovered if she was the same woman who had been assaulted in the vehicle.

MI Headlines has learned from very credible sources that the woman in the Chrysler 300 is an unknown victim of violence. It is hoped that this victim was able to escape her attacker and seek help.


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