Security Guard Assaults Vulnerable Man outside East side Liquor Store [Video]

DETROIT, MI – On Sunday June 2nd, 2019, the attached video of a security guard assaulting a vulnerable man was posted to Facebook for the public to see.

Outside the AAA Party Store located near E Warren Ave and Dickerson on Detroit’s east side, unnamed sources recorded the video that shows a female security guard assaulting a man who could either be homeless, a person drunk from alcohol or possibly mentally ill. It is unknown what set this beating into motion but she needs to face charges and be terminated from her job.

The man that she is seen kicking, beating and slapping multiple times is someones father, brother, uncle or friend. As a human being we have no right to place our hands on another person to cause them harm at any time.  If you have a legitimate problem with a person, contact authorities.

Not only did actual illegal actions occur that can be viewed in the video but perceived ones also come into play. The individuals who recorded the video were more interested and intent on filming the incident and getting it uploaded to social media than they were in providing the victim assistance. They can be heard talking and laughing while they are recording the altercation but offering no help what so ever.

The video was online for the public to view for approximately an hour or so but quickly removed when backlash started mounting against them along with the security guard. It seems that they became concerned when TV news stations and Detroit Police were being tagged to make them aware that the video should be investigated.

This is a good example of why everyone should be very careful of what they do in the public eye because someone near your could be filming what you do not want others to see.

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