Woman’s Anger is taken out over Fee on Prepaid Card [Video] [Updated]



DETROIT, MI – On Tuesday June 18th, 2019, Information was received from the Shell gas station concerning the corrected information concerning the incident where a woman destroyed the inside of the business.

The actual incident  occurred when the woman who would end up going on a rampage inside of the Shell gas station near Warren Ave and the Southfield prepaid for $15 in gas. The woman pumped her $15 in fuel to her car and left. Two hours later she returns to the business claiming that she was charged $30 which was not true. The owner of the station has a printed receipt of that transaction.

A report was filed with Detroit Police.

Below is what was originally reported to MI Headlines

A woman went into the Shell gas station near Warren Ave and the Southfield in Detroit where she purchased a Prepaid Debit Card and was not happy when a $10 fee was taken out of her purchase for that card. That is when she went on a rampage destroying the inside of that business.

In exclusive video obtained by MI Headlines you can see the rampage that she went on when she realized that an associated fee to the prepaid debit card had been applied to her purchase.  On Monday June 17th, 2019, at about 11:30AM, a woman said to be no more than 27-years-old caused a lot of damage inside of the Shell Gas Station.

She was blaming the owners of the gas station for applying the fee or removing money from the card. What she failed to understand is that the owners to the gas station have no determination of that service fee. They only facilitate the collection of the money that the prepaid company requires when someone purchases such items.

Her complaint should not have been with the gas station and the operators of it. Her complaints should be directed at the company that she bought the use of the prepaid card from.

It is unknown if the owners of the gas station notified Detroit Police concerning the incident.

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