Man Dies after being Shot during Traffic Dispute on Detroit’s East side [Updated]

7 Mile and Mound

Photo Credit: Marc D’Andre

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit man died after he was shot twice during a traffic dispute near 7 Mile and Mound roads on Detroit’s East side.

On Thursday July 4th, 2019, at approximately 5:05PM, a 29-year-old man died as a result of being shot during an argument following a traffic accident at Seven Mile and Mound.

Police met with the victim at a local hospital where he had been taken and dropped off after being shot. The victim was involved in a dispute with another male driver who fired two shots at him. The shooter had been driving a green Mercury.

A passerby was able to take photos of the vehicle that the victim was driving. The victims vehicle is either a black or dark gray Dodge Charger with damage to the left side of the vehicle, mainly the drivers door.

The victim has been identified on social media as DezSyracuse Ripgooch Ripbigtwin.

The shooting was the end result of an accident in the middle of the intersection of 7 Mile and Mound that caused the damage to the victim’s vehicle.

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