Live Military Round located on Manitou Island in Leelanau County

CLEON TOWNSHIP, MI – On Tuesday July 30th, 2019 at approximately 08:40 A.M., Manistee County Deputies were dispatched to the 17000 block of Railroad Avenue in Cleon Township after a man called Manistee County Central Dispatch and advised that he may have live military ammunition in his Manistee County military Shellpossession.

The gentlemen advised that he had been visiting Manitou Island in Leelanau County when he located what he thought to be an old military artillery shell. The man removed the shell from the island via boat and then transported the item to his home in Manistee County.

The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad was immediately notified, and they determined that the item was potentially live ordinance. The Bomb Squad rendered the ordinance safe by using a controlled detonation.

There were no injuries reported during this incident. The information will be forwarded to the National Park Service for further investigation.

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